Photography Policies

Baker Arboretum Photography Policy

We are delighted that you are considering the Baker Arboretum as the location for your photos. The guidelines and policies set forth below are intended for all guests, but a permit is necessary for those who wish to use the Baker Arboretum and grounds as a backdrop for posed or directed photography. We ask all photographers to please help us maintain the integrity of the Baker Arboretum and grounds by honoring these policies. They are intended to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission of creating and nurturing an environment for learning, inspiration, and enjoyment through excellence in horticulture.


For general information and guidelines, click HERE


For Commercial Videography/Photography application, click HERE

Downing Museum Photography Policy

The Downing Museum must ensure visitor’s safety as well as the safety of museum objects and exhibits.


General Guidelines:


    1. Informal, personal photographs are encouraged.
    2. Camera flash is strictly prohibited inside the museum.
    3. Please be aware of your surroundings. Do not touch works of art. Moving museum objects, pedestals, exhibits, displays, etc. is strictly prohibited.
    4. Guidelines for the Baker Arboretum apply to photography within the museum.