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Please join us for a closing reception on May 31, 6-8PM.

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Born in Nashville, Tennessee
Charlotte Brindley is an artist that has a studio in the Knoxville, TN area. Brindley received an Art History degree with a minor in Studio Art, and shortly after a Master’s in Folk Studies with a concentration in Historic Preservation, both from Western Kentucky University. After a few years of working in museums and cultural centers, Charlotte decided to work on her art full time and now has a growing fine art practice.


Influenced by the art of the Italian Renaissance, Gothic illuminated manuscripts, and beautiful insects in nature, Brindley respects the techniques and styles of the past and seeks to reflect that in her work. Her portfolio includes oil paintings that sometimes incorporate gold leaf.


Though she looks back to the past for inspiration, Brindley seeks to portray meaningful, thought-provoking messages in her art relevant to today’s world. Most of her paintings are symbolist; though her paintings are representational, the meaning is not a literal depiction.


Brindley maintains a studio in the Knoxville area and lives with her husband, Joel, and cats, Emerald and Mr. Darcy.


To find Brindley’s latest works, she has a presence in the Art Market Gallery in
downtown Knoxville, TN.


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