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This exhibition features authentic stories, images, and transcultural synergy between the US and the people of Cuba. Our shared journey of the winding and narrow pathways built unforgettable creative bridges with the artists, educators, and students across the 90 miles between the US and Cuba.

Like one drop of water that flows into the river one drop at a time, creative community collaborations between artists, educators, and students in the two neighboring countries are evolving further into the better world of our future. Although the passage (El Camino), we explored together was windy and narrow, the best part of our decade long effort for this exhibition is our “Creative Bridge” we built together. It is our collective wish, on both sides of the 90 miles, that our exhibition, Island Of My Love, will help open the pathway to our HeArts, Hopes, and Dreams that forever live in our creative soul. There are our stories and we look to the better world we can create.

Visual Arts content and process bridges cultures; this cultural bridge stems from collaborations by the three Sisters on the Bridge; Dr. Mona Hussein (A professor in Art Education, formerly at Umm Al Qura University in Saudi Arabia through the University of Alexandria, Egypt), Dr. Sandra Bird (Professor of Art Education at Kennesaw State University), and Dr. Miwon Choe (Professor of Art2Dream Art Education, Western Kentucky University).

As the Cuban conventional wisdom reiterates, The walls turned on their sides, ARE bridges. The arts are powerful human experience. It is our hope that BG Community and our P-16 students will benefit exceedingly knowing how to connect with the people worldwide to bridge the cultural gap and misunderstanding we still experience in the twenty-first century.

Please join us for an opening reception on Tuesday March 7th from 5pm-8pm at The Downing Museum.


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